Probiotic / temperature-sensitive goods

Most probiotics we stock are tested to retain potency if exposed to up to 30+ degrees for a period of time.

For precautionary reasons, we typically send orders containing these products early in the week, not on Thursdays or Fridays

Bioceuticals has advised:

"During testing, the Probiotics are exposed to temperatures of 37 degrees or more for over 4 days and there was only a slight loss of bacteria. To cater for this potential loss we overpack all of our products by 20-50% so that at the time of expiry (2 years) we can guarantee that what we say is on the label is actually in the product."

BioConcepts (who make Orthoplex products) has advised:

Stability testing has been conducted for the below temperature-sensitive products:

Biomedica has advised:

"Many of the probiotic strains used in our refrigerated probiotics tolerate ambient temperatures quite effectively, showing little viable cell loss when kept for 24 months (2 years) at 23-25°C."

Biopractica has advised:

"Our ProBiome (D-Lactate free) probiotics show excellent stability and high survival rates for each strain during manufacture, transport and storage, even when kept unrefrigerated. The combination of the overage above the label claim (at the time of manufacture) and the unique robustness of each strain, ensure ProBiome (D-Lactate free) Probiotics have excellent stability during their shelf life."

Designs for Health has advised:

Designs for Health Liposomal medicines have all been allocated a 2-year shelf-life when kept under refrigerated conditions, with the exception of Liposomal B12 which is stable for 18 months out if the fridge.

Refrigerated liposomal formulations are generally temperature sensitive, however can still maintain stability and quality when stored outside of recommended conditions (e.g. at room temperature) for short periods of time up to around 10 days, providing the seal and lid are not broken or open. After this amount of time, if the product has discoloured, is cloudy or is displaying a “stringy” consistency, then we do not recommend that it be used as it may have started to degrade.


All Designs for Health liposomal products are placed on ongoing 3-year stability protocols in both refrigerated and ambient conditions for monitoring, and the shelf-life and storage conditions are revised if necessary to ensure exceptional product quality.

Eagle has advised:

"Results indicate, exposure to ambient (non-refrigerated) temperature for a period of at least 1 month would not impact the shelf life of the product."

Medlab has advised:

"Can be unrefrigerated for up to 4 months at 25°c without losing potency". Probiotics do not die off when stored at room temperature, however, refrigeration can maximise long-term viability.

Metagenics has advised:

"When formulating probiotics, Metagenics take into account many factors including water activity, the appropriate amount of stability overages, and the uniqueness of the probiotic strain. The products are manufactured in Metagenics’ purpose-built, low humidity, climate-controlled facility in Northgate, Brisbane. Finished product testing is also undertaken to confirm shelf-life and survival under various temperatures and conditions. These attributes ensure the live bacteria have the best possible environment to remain viable, validated through rigorous testing and studies. Occasionally, a bottle may arrive and feel warm to touch. The bacteria inside are still live and effective as they are resilient enough to survive up to 3 days at temperatures up to 40°C."

Mutaflor has advised:

"The probiotics contain viable bacteria in a high concentration. It can remain at room temperature for up to 72 hours without loss of efficacy. Thereafter the CFU will begin to diminish and therefore one could expect a reduced efficacy."

Nutrition Care has advised:

"For our probiotics with the exception of SAMe, generally recommend no more than 3 days storage under non-refrigerated conditions not exceeding 30°c. SAMe 200mg and 400mg has undergone extensive testing and found both remain stable after 6 months of exposure to 30°C at 65% relative humidity".


Spectrumceuticals has advised:

"Probiotics are viable for up to 28 days outside the fridge at ambient temperature and up to 14 days at 40 degrees Celsius."

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