The majority of our probiotics have been tested to retain potency if exposed to up to 30+ degrees for a period of time. Please see downloadable pdf's from respective brands.

We continue to seek written information from the brands not listed above. For precautionary reasons, we typically only send orders with temperature sensitive products early in the week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and depending on the circumstances, sometimes on Thursdays. This ensures probiotics do not spend the weekend in transit.

We also highly recommend our clients choose express post options if ordering temperature sensitive products (we always cold pack temperature sensitive products regardless of the delivery option).


BioCeuticals probiotics

  • BioCeuticals results show after 4 days exposed to 37 degree celcius temperatures, their UltraBiotic 45 still retained CFU amounts higher than claimed on the label. Read more.



BioMedica have advised the following in writing regarding Enterocare:

“The 3 strains in the Enterocare have been efficacy tested long term out of the fridge. BioMedica works closely with our suppliers and manufacturers on stability measures as they have many years of experience as well as strong international reputations to support.


BioMedica employ several measures to protect our probiotic products from short term environmental damage (changes in temperature during transit), including packing the products with a cold pack before transporting them to the distributer or customer, and ensuring that they contain robust strains and a significant overage to account for any potential viable cell loss during transport and storage.


Enterocare is one of BioMedica’s most popular products among practitioners. Each unit is transported in much the same way, spending similar lengths of time unrefrigerated, and we have no doubts as to its efficacy thanks to the glowing feedback we receive from practitioners."


Bio-Practica Probiome

  • "ProBiome (D-Lactate free) probiotics show excellent stability and high survival rates for each strain during manufacture, transport and storage, even when kept unrefrigerated .... The combination of the overage above the label claim (at the time of manufacture) and the unique robustness of each strain, ensure ProBiome (D-Lactate free) Probiotics have excellent stability during their shelf life."


Eagle probiotics

  • Eagle Pharmaceuticals state "Results indicate .... exposure to ambient (non-refrigerated) temperature for a period of at least 1 month would not impact the shelf life of the product.". Please see this pdf for more info.


Metagenics probiotics

  • Metagenics have conducted testing to ensure their probiotics can withstand exposure to temperatures without losing potency.
  • Metagenics testing concludes their probiotics retain potency even when exposed up to:
    • 40 degree temperatures for up to 48 hours
    • 30 degree temperatures for up to 14 days
    • 20 degree temperatures for up to 4 months
    • 4 degree temperatures for up to 2 years


Nutrition Care 

Nutrition Care have stated "SAMe tablets are stable for 8 days when stored at 30C/ 65% relative humidity."

We are waiting to hear back from Nutrition Care regarding their other temperature sensitive products.



BioCeuticals and BioConcepts (Orthoplex) have advised us their probiotics will also retain potency if exposed to room temperatures for a period of time (eg. the technical team from Orthoplex advised their Multiflora would withstand temperatures for up to 10 days without affecting potency). We continue to request further written information from BioConcepts regarding their probiotics and will update this area of the site once we receive a response.



Spectrumceuticals state that refridgeration does help to maintain the stability of their products. Their probiotics are shipped to customers with cold packs. The probiotics retain the viability claimed on the label even if the cold packs are thawed and the product no longer feels cold to the touch. To meet TGA obligations, Spectrumceuticals manufacture with ''overage'' (additional CFUs). This ensures their probiotics remain potent, even after transportation.