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Nana Khutsishvili
Easy to order. Lond exp date. Arrived in The UK within 2-3 days.
Sara Knight
Great range, super quick postage and excellent customer service!
Wendy Smith
My delivery came the next day and it was easy to order online
Leah Ching
What an easy shopping experience this was. I live in Central Queensland, my order arrived in 2 days. Quick delivery. Website so easy to use. Thanks.
Annie Gibson Page
Thank you for your prompt service, and was pleasantly surprised to receive my order today two days to regional Queensland, just when I need it. Awesome.
Matilda Meakes
Terrific service. I am currently living in Malaysia and my nutritionist uploaded the prescription I needed to Vit.aly, I ordered and paid for it seamlessly and within 1 week it arrived via DHL to my apartment block. Couldn't be happier.
Eban Flow
Absolutely brilliant. Super user friendly. Beautiful to interact with. Swift, reliable, awesome. LOVE
Sonia O'Malley
Fantastic products, a great range and wonderful customer service. Very easy to order, then all the products stay on your list to re-order later. Delivery was quick and any products that needed to stay cool had a cold pack wrapped around them. Will definitely be ordering again!
Melinda Rankine
Such a simple and easy way to order the products I need!

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Supporting healthy vagus nerve activity can improve resiliency to & recovery from physiological and psychosocial stress Read more...

30th Sep, 2021Podcast

Exploring the link between chronic sinusitis & its complications, including its effects on mental health & cognitive function.... Read more...

28th Sep, 2021Quick read

This is the first study to examine the link between chronic pain and decreased levels of GABA in humans. Read more...

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The shortest duration of oral lemon balm therapy that improved anxiety disorders was 5-7 days.... Read more...

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Steven shares insightful clinical tips for supporting mental health for patients and practitioners. Read more...

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Discussing underlying causes, testing methods, & diet and nutrition that enhance & support a healthy intestinal barrier. Read more...

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New research is shedding light on the role of the gut microbiota in anorexia nervosa. Read more...

10th Aug, 2021Quick read

Association with higher intake of animal & processed foods, alcohol & sugar, with higher levels of intestinal inflammatory mark... Read more...

5th Aug, 2021Podcast

Key insights into gut microbiome influences on NAFLD & potential microbiota-based therapies. Read more...

3rd Aug, 2021Article

Vegetarian & vegan sources of omega 3

In the past 6 months we conducted a thorough review of all fish oils we stock against a strict set of criteria. Read more...

27th Jul, 2021Article

Symptoms associated with long COVID include fatigue, headache, hoarse voice and myalgia with potential mechanisms discussed. Read more...

22nd Jul, 2021Podcast

We delve into ocean acidification, krill oils, what ‘wild caught’ fish is, then onto heavy metals and cleaning up the ocean. Read more...

13th Jul, 2021Book review

A confronting read, but for anyone concerned about the environment and the food they eat, it is an essential read Read more...