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Medicinal grade charcoal. 

Green clay for internal and external use. 

100% certified organic barley grass powder. 

Certified organic chlorella. 

Certified organic maca powder. 


100% organic raw cacao powder. 

Certified organic spirulina powder. 

Certified organic wheat grass powder. 

100% natural oil for increased circulation and to relieve pain. 

Digestive enzymes to help digestion of food during meals. 

Energy herbs to fuel a workout, exercise routine or busy day. 

Stimulating bowel tonic. 

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Powerful bowel cleanser. 

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Australian certified organic blend of 7 herbs. 

100% certified organic maca powder. 

Parasite cleanse complex.

100% organic raw and vegan wholefood protein powder. 

A certified organic wholefood greens blend. 

Pre/pro biotic blend. 

Organic sprouted and bio-fermented wholegrain brown rice protein.