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Gelatin Australia (GelPro) is the result of two Aussie brothers based in Sydney who needed good quality gelatin and searched the world for the absolute best. 


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GelPro Products are produced using a variety of natural gelatin and collagen protein. The product range includes premium protein powder of the highest quality, as well as pure collagen powder. These products make an excellent choice for people looking for Paleo protein. One of the truly unique products in the GelPro line is the pure collagen powder in the form of Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate - finally, there is an Australian Beef Gelatin available - Peptipro Beef Gelatin.


The Peptipro Beef Gelatin is sourced from Australian beef. The Australian beef industry is highly regulated and cattle are free range in green pastures, grass fed and grain finished (Aussie farms). This product is best used in cooking and baking as it congeals ‘gels’ together.