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  • Details the impact of Clinical Nutrition on Cancer from both a theoretical, physiological and practical perspective
  • Offers suggested practical Nutritional Guidelines for the treatment of many Cancers
  • Covering all aspects of the physiology and biochemistry of cancer
  • Containing comprehensive information on:
    • What is Cancer?
    • Biochemical Aspects of numerous Cancers
    • Theoretical Models of Carcinogenesis
    • Cancer and Metastasis Prevention
    • The Basis of Chemotherapy and Detoxification from Cancer
    • The Effects of Radiotherapy including Dietary and Nutritional suggestions
    • Surgery and Nutrition including the Nutrients that Support Healing
    • Diet-Cancer interaction and Calorie-restricted Ketogenic Diet
  • Soft copy format

Full title: Cancer The Importance of Clinical Nutrition in Prevention and Treatment

ISBN: 9781875239429

Year of publication: 2012

Publisher: Bio Concepts Publishing

Number of pages: 616