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Founded by Mason Taylor, a passionate herbalist, health educator, podcast host, health coach and mentor who started seeking out the best quality, beyond organic, wildcrafted tonic herbs for himself, friends and family. This led to the creation of Superfeast as an extension of his own personal apothecary.


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Address: Unit 4/20 Brigantine St, Byron Bay, 2481, NSW, Australia



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Since 2011 SuperFeast has been Australia’s premier source of Taoist (or Daoist) tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. Tonic herbs have been used for thousands of years to bring health and vitality to the entire body, to prevent ageing, support longevity and to create inner and outer radiance.


SuperFeast uses the most pristine wild, semi-wild or wild-crafted sources of these magical herbs and medicinal mushrooms. Every aspect of production is controlled to ensure that they are processed, packaged (in Miron violetglas) and distributed in such way that preserves maximum bioavailability and life-force.


With the modern world getting more and more intense, Mason felt that the magic of these ancient herbs was coming forth to help support the Western shift in consciousness towards greater health and well-being for all. Some of his favourite reasons for consuming tonic herbs include:

  • Safe and gentle, yet potent herbs with thousands of years of recorded use
  • Benefits accumulate over time and may increase longevity and prevent degeneration
  • Dietary source of immune-boosting polysaccharides and protective antioxidants
  • May support and improve immune system and immunomodulation
  • May improve gut issues
  • May restore and boost energy and stamina
  • May combat adrenal fatigue
  • May regulate hormonal imbalances
  • May assist detoxification pathways
  • May reduce inflammation
  • May promote healthy and glowing skin
  • May assist in the formation of healthy nerves

All Superfeast products are:

  • Beyond organic (pesticide free, wild-crafted, Di Tao)
  • Independently tested for heavy metals to ensure purity
  • A nourishing alternative to coffee
  • Vegan (Deer Antler and Beauty Blend excepted)
  • Great into coffee, tea, hot chocolates, smoothies, raw chocolates and food
  • Not heat-sensitive
  • Long-lasting (2-year shelf life)
  • Gluten free
  • Paleo