• Contains essential oil blend (lime, sweet basil, black pepper, juniper, peppermint)
  • Seeking abundance? Treasure Hunter™ Flower Essence Mist combines the popular Treasure Hunter™ Flower Essence, which is made by hand using Dianella berries wild-harvested from the Australian bush, plus a clean, fresh blend of lime, sweet basil, juniper and peppermint essential oils to help create an energetically abundant and flowing atmosphere
  • This flower essence mist is ideal to use when:
    • You need a reminder that you are truly worthy of abundance in all its forms
    • You want to set a clear intention for your home, work place, classroom or clinic to be a space in which people feel deeply valued, grateful for their current and future circumstances, and open to expanding their sense of what’s possible for them
    • You want to shake yourself out of a sense of desperation or powerlessness and instead embody an energy of plentiful opportunity
    • Your intention is to create new opportunities and possibilities for expansion and growth
    • You want to inspire optimism and positivity in your business or workplace

Dosage & warnings

Spray into the air every 6 - 8 hours or as needed

Only take as directed.


Dianella caerulea