• This flower essence invites you to develop a sense of safety, while reminding you that you’re surrounded by unconditional support and approval
  • Encourages you to take a big-picture view of your circumstances so that you can identify the little adjustments that can lead to big changes over time
  • The perfect ritual to support yourself at times when
    • Your self-esteem has been impacted by neglectful or hurtful behaviour of others and you need a reminder that you’re perfect, just the way you are
    • Events of the past have led to you feeling on edge, mistrustful or defensive towards others; your intention is to become comfortable to let people in again
    • You're keen to make changes in your life or circumstances but are having difficulty choosing a path that feels safe and comfortable
    • Your intention is to access a sense of being unconditionally supported as you rebuild your self-acceptance and self-confidence


  • Purified water 66.7%
  • Brandy 33.3% (12.5% alcohol)
  • Vibrational essence of Grevillea linearifolia (White spider flower)

Dosage & warnings

7 drops twice daily under the tongue morning and night or as needed

Contains alcohol

Only take as directed.


Grevillea linearifolia (White spider flower)