• This flower essence invites you to stop resisting change, trust the universe and go with the flow
  • Helps you to realise that not everything about the unknown is unwelcome
  • Inspires you to face the unknown with a spirit of adventure and openness
  • The perfect ritual to support yourself with at times when
    • Life feels out of control and frantic, but you’re ready to set an intention of handling it all with ease and grace
    • You've noticed yourself trying to control all the details of your life, and are ready to step back and trust that everything will unfold as it should
    • You've been holding yourself back from something new, but are now ready to take a leap forward in confidence and openness
    • You've been feeling blocked, thwarted, or frustrated by trying to force change to occur
    • You are ready to accept that perhaps the timing isn’t right or there’s something more perfect over the horizon for you
    • You've been in the same place for so long that you have become persistently averse to or threatened by change, but you’re ready for a fresh start
    • You're ready to embrace a new home, new job, new skills or a new environment and want to do so in a spirit of learning, openness and positivity


  • Purified water 66.7%
  • Brandy 33.3% (12.5% alcohol)
  • Vibrational essence of Avicennia marina var. australasica (Mangrove seed)


  • 7 drops twice daily under the tongue morning and night or as needed


Contains alcohol
  • Always read the label
  • The ideas and suggestions identified here are not intended as a substitute for qualified healthcare advice


Avicennia marina var. australasica (Mangrove seed)