• Got a burning ambition? Destiny Calls™ flower essence helps you move forward with your life's work and develop the conviction that you'll be successful even if you don't yet know how
  • Whether you're just starting to follow your dream or have been on your path for a while, Destiny Calls™ is on a mission to help you find your focus and move onwards and upwards
  • The ritual of taking flower essences is a great way to focus your attention on the energetic state you'd like to embody, and your intention of consciously creating it
  • Destiny Calls™ encourages you to move past your fears, tap into your determination, expand your sense of possibility, and take action in the direction of your life purpose or dreams, so working with this flower essence is the perfect ritual to support yourself with at times when:
    • You feel blocked or stale in your work and need to develop some momentum
    • You're ready to take ownership of your destiny and step up in your career;
    • You want to elevate yourself to a leadership position and inspire people with your work
    • You're feeling worried or fearful that you may not have it have what it takes to succeed
    • You've been stuck or plodding along for some time and want to regain your enthusiasm
    • You've been living in a world of ideas, dreams and plans, and are ready to ground them and bringing them to life
  • Try holding the flower essence in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it, and as you do, get ready to step into your life purpose

Dosage & warnings

7 drops twice daily under the tongue morning and night

Only take as directed.


Angophora costata (Sydney Red Gum)