• Contains essential oil blend (black pepper, lemon myrtle, may chang, juniper, spearmint)
  • Sick of your old stuff? Baggage Buster™ Flower Essence Mist encourages you to gently release old unwanted energy and welcome in new clarity and insight
  • Baggage Buster™ Flower Essence Mist combines the popular Baggage Buster™ Flower Essence (which is made by hand from native Australian Darwinia bush flowers) with a refreshing blend of premium-grade lemon myrtle, spearmint, may chang, juniper and black pepper essential oils
  • It’s ideal for times and/or places where you want to clear old or stale energy and welcome in a fresh, clean start, so it’s suitable for use in:
    • Situations where you want to clear out, release or detoxify what’s happened in the past and set an intention of welcoming in new, more helpful energy
    • Places where there’s been tension, upheaval or emotional release
    • Spaces that feel stale, cluttered or chaotic
    • Your meditation space, massage room or healing clinic

Dosage & warnings

Spray into the air every 6 - 8 hours or as needed

Only take as directed.


Darwinia fascicularis