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  • A combination of 7 locally sourced biogenic flower essences with a purified water and brandy base

Negative condition

  • Poor quality meditation
  • Psychically drained
  • Psychic attack
  • Damaged aura

Positive outcome

  • Access higher self
  • Awaken spirituality
  • Deeper meditation
  • Enhance intuition
  • Inner guidance
  • Telepathy


  • 7 drops under the tongue morning and night for a 2 week period


Contains ethanol
  • Always read the label
  • The ideas and suggestions identified here are not intended as a substitute for qualified healthcare advice
  • Contains homoeopathic ingredients


Lobelia gibbosa (Angelsword)
Boronia ledifolia
Epacris longiflora (Bush fuchsia)
Patersonia longifolia (Bush iris)
Thysanotus tuberosus (Fringed violet)
Caladenia dilatata (Green spider orchid)
Nelumbo nucifera (Red lily)

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