• This essence was made on top of Schafberg Mountain, St Wolfgang, Austria
  • It allows a person to journey out to much further realms and levels on the spiritual plane
  • It has the potential to bring out a person’s spirituality to the highest degree with integrity and passion
  • It can invoke peace and harmony and let it reign within your heart and mind
  • It helps you to see life as being simple and to keep it simple, surrendering to God any problem
  • It produces a sensation of feeling light, easy and carefree
  • An excellent remedy for people going through emotional stress and trauma
  • It helps one to see the overview of any problem whilst enhancing one’s guidance and inner knowing in order to deal with the situation more effectively
  • When making a choice, it helps one to maintain a balance between an intellectual and an emotional approach, whilst also aiding discrimination and discernment

Dosage & warnings

For dosage bottles: 7 drops of Stock Essence into a 15 mL to 30 mL dropper bottle filled with ⅓ brandy and ⅔ purified water
Recommended dosage: 7 drops on rising and retiring for a minimum of 2 weeks

Contains alcohol

Only take as directed.