• Provides a source of pasture-raised Tasmanian cattle liver, heart and kidney in one convenient capsule
  • Offers key nutrients including CoQ10, vitamin B12 and selenium
  • May help to support overall health, vitality and energy
  • Freeze-dried to preserve nutrients
  • 100% hormone and antibiotic free
  • Pure nose to tail nourishment
  • GMO free

Dosage & warnings

4 capsules daily; may be opened and sprinkled onto food or into a drink, or taken whole
1 serve = 4 capsules

Only take as directed.


Bovine gelatin 120 mg
Beef liver
Beef heart
Beef kidney

Nutritional information

Per serve per 100g
Energy 47.6 kJ 1920 kJ
Protein 2 g 80.8 g
Total Fat 0.3 g 13.6 g
Saturated Fat 0.1 g 4.8 g
Carbohydrates 0.1 g 2.4 g
Sugar 0 g 0 g
Sodium 11 mg 455 mg