Mobilization is a type of manual therapy, or hands on physical therapy usually practiced by chiropractors and physical therapists. The term "mobilization" deals with the manipulation of soft tissue encapsulating a joint, called fascia, and muscles over joints that have restricted range of motion.

Range of motion is the ability to move a joint, such as the elbow, at the normal extent without pain. Range of motion problems typically develop after injury. Ligaments may be torn, bursa may move out of place, or a bone may be broken or displaced. Range of motion may affect quality of life. For example, if an elbow does not bend properly, it would be difficult to perform daily tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, and opening doors.

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Mobilization therapy has been used for joint complications and injuries.

There is insufficient reliable evidence about the efficacy of mobilization.

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    In theory, tightness in joints or restricted range of motion may, in turn, restrict the normal function of blood flow, lymph nodes, and nerve signals. Advocates of mobilization, such as the Somatics System Institute, claim that the soft tissues around the bone need to be stretched and mobilized in order to restore range of motion and function to injured areas. has licensed professional monographs from TRC Healthcare. Full monographs are available to Pro practitioner accounts.
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