Enzymedica products are available to practitioners, students and clients of practitioners via vital.ly.


Enzymedica is a company based in Florida that offers the highest-quality enzyme products possible. As one of the global leaders in the industry Research Nutrition is excited to bring these premium products to Australia.


Contact Reasearch Nutrition: 1800 110 158 

Email: support@researchnutrition.com.au 


Enzymedica online at www.vital.ly 


Enzymedica are the enzyme specialists, only making enzyme focused formulas. No fillers are ever used in their products, and everything is made with non-GMO ingredients. 

  • Enzymedica is dedicated to providing exceptional enzyme-focused supplements to serve the most exacting needs
  • Each product is specifically formulated to provide targeted support for common digestive discomforts and food intolerances
  • Enzymedica routinely tests their products for gluten and other ingredients


Why supplement with enzymes?


Through digestion, the body breaks down foods so that they can nourish cells and provide energy. Enzymes are key players in this process. We all normally produce digestive enzymes naturally, however, as we age, our bodies produce fewer of the enzymes that we need.


There are many different kinds of enzymes, and they each have a specific purpose. Sometimes people simply have a deficiency of a certain type of enzyme, which can be why some food intolerances occur. For example, lactose intolerance is caused by a deficiency of the enzyme lactase.


The good news is that studies have shown that supplementing with the right combination of digestive enzymes may improve and maintain your digestive health. The result might be improved regularity, less digestive discomfort, and better assimilation of vital nutrients.