• Features calendula for skin health and lavender essential oil fragrance


  • Each 1 g contains:
  • Tincture equivalent fresh juice Calendula officinalis flowering herb 10 mg
  • Tincture equivalent fresh juice Hypericum perforatum flowering herb 166 mg
  • Infusion, equivalent dry Calendula officinalis flower 135 mg
  • Infusion, equivalent dry Hypericum perforatum flowering herb 135 mg
  • Oil infused, equivalent fresh Hypericum perforatum flower 30 mg
  • Oil infused, equivalent dry Calendula officinalis flower 225 mg
  • In a base containing natural vegetable oils and beeswax
  • Fragranced with lavender essential oil

Dosage & warnings

Clean the wound with boiled water and/or Weleda Hypercal Lotion
Apply Hypercal Cream 2 - 3 times daily
If necessary, cover with a dressing

Only take as directed.