• A combination of nutrients, prebiotics and herbs such as aloe vera and slippery elm
  • Includes a nutritional extract from turmeric (curcumin) known as Cumerone®
  • Formula may assist with
    • Healthy gastrointestinal function and mucosal membrane health
    • A reduction of free radical damage to body cells
    • Healthy acid-alkaline balance in the body
    • Immune system health
  • Free from tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, egg, soy and gluten


  • 5 g (1 scoop) 1 - 3 times daily mixed with water, fruit juice or sprinkled onto food
  • 5 g is equal to 1 scoop or 1 sachet


Contains seafood, sodium
  • Contains Stevia as a sweetener
  • Glucosamine is derived from crustaceans, avoid using in those who are allergic
  • This product is not recommended for use during pregnancy and in those trying to conceive
  • Always read the label
  • Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet
  • If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, consult your healthcare professional


This product is listed with the TGA - AustL 295579, 296379. The TGA publishes product info, including excipients under the "Other ingredients" subheading (not typically listed on the product label). Download the TGA public summary below. Learn more about excipients