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  • 100% pure Origanum vulgare (Oregano) essential oil combined with extra virgin olive oil (1:4 ratio)
  • 200 ug/mL ratio is the European recognised standard and makes the oil ideal for the body
  • Rich in naturally occurring monoterpenes, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and polyphenols
  • Wild-harvested and ethically sourced
  • Contains minimum 80% carvacrol
  • Certified organic


  • 1 - 5 drops up to 3 times daily; may be mixed with juice or honey
  • Can be used both externally or taken as a food oil


  • Avoid use during pregnancy
  • If using directly on skin, apply patch test first
  • Always read the label
  • Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet
  • If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, consult your healthcare professional
  • For short-term use only