• A food supplement containing the patented lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri Gastrus (L. reuteri DSM 17938 and L. reuteri ATCC PTA 6475)
  • Both strains naturally colonise humans and have a strong adaptation to persist and interact with humans
  • Has been proven safe and effective in clinical trials
  • Mandarin flavoured
  • Available in a convenient chewable tablet
  • Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Dosage & warnings

1 chewable tablet daily

Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect due to the content of sweetener in the product

Only take as directed.


Lactobacillus reuteri (ATCC PTA 6475) 100 million CFU
Lactobacillus reuteri (DSM17938) 100 million CFU
Ascorbic acid (Flavour enhancer)
Hydrogenated vegetable palm oil
Mandarin flavouring
Mint flavouring