Lichen helps an individual to be aware of, look for and go to the Light at the moment of physical death. The alternative to the soul going through to the Light is to stay earthbound in the astral plane — what we commonly refer to as 'a ghost'. There is a great deal of darkness operating on the astral plane and it is certainly a level that the soul would be well advised to move through quickly. A violent or sudden death can also result in the increased likelihood of the Spirit staying earthbound and the spraying of Lichen from an atomiser bottle would be of great benefit for those souls, helping them to see and go to the Light. Even in cases where there is an unexpected sudden death, eg. a car accident, the individual who dies in such an experience is fully aware at the level of their Higher Self, of what is about to happen and that they are going to pass over. Two weeks before such an event the etheric body starts to disengage and unravel from the physical body. Lichen assists the etheric and the physical bodies to separate in preparation for passing over. Lichen is contained in the Transition Essence Combination.

The latter can be taken by people who are in the process of passing over or else going through major changes in their life such as changing career, moving house, etc. In these latter circumstances, one can rest assured that the Lichen in this Combination would definitely not lead to their etheric body separating from their physical body!

Negative Condition:

  • Not knowing to look for and move into the Light when passing over
  • Earthbound in the astral plane

Positive Outcome:

  • Eases one's transition into the Light
  • Assists separation between the physical and etheric body
  • Releases earthbound energies

Preparation of Dosage Bottles
Place 7 drops of Stock Essence into a 15 mL to 30 mL dropper bottle filled with 1/3 brandy and 2/3 purified water.

Preparation of Combination Essences
Place 7 drops of each Stock Essence into a 15 mL to 30 mL dropper bottle filled with 1/3 brandy and 2/3 purified water.

Dosage & warnings

Only take as directed.


Parmelia s. lat. (Lichen)