Ariya Synergy Inulin is a practitioner product.

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This specific form of chicory inulin has the following benefits:

  • Completely fermented in the colon leading to a selective increase in bifidobacteria increasing the production of the short-chain fatty acids acetate, propionate and butyrate
  • Clinically proven with the the strongest evidence base of all prebiotics with 24 human intervention studies and a research base spanning over 20 years
  • Improves bowel habits and gently maintains bowel regularity
  • Lowers blood glucose response and associated insulin response
  • Improves calcium absorption with associated improvements in bone health
  • Supports the immune system
  • Safe and well tolerated in all age groups
  • Well tolerated, even in IBS patients

Dosage & warnings

1 scoop (4 g) once or twice daily

Only take as directed.


Nutritional information

Per serve per 100g
Energy 33.9 kJ 848 kJ
Carbohydrates 320 mg 8 g
Sugar 320 mg 8 g
Dietary Fibre 3.56 g 89 g