• Intense nutrition at cell level to assist natural healing and nourish repair tissues for optimum elasticity and tone
  • Use with regular applications to condition healing and even healed areas towards minimal visible scarring
  • Vegan friendly


  • Avocado oil*
  • Jojoba oil*
  • Evening primrose oil*
  • Rose hip oil*
  • Argan oil*
  • Wheatgerm oil*
  • Eucalyptus blue gum*
  • Lavender spike*
  • Geranium*
  • Lavender sweet*
  • Patchouli*
  • Everlasting*
  • Myrrh^
  • Chamomile German CO2*

*Certified organic

Dosage & warnings

Apply to affected area with gentle massage, once or twice daily

Not for internal use: if ingested, drink milk, consult a health specialist
Avoid contact with eyes: flush with water
Seek advice during pregnancy
Keep out of reach of children

Only take as directed.