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About Geoffrey
Vitawell uses Complementary Medicine and Personalised Cancer Care Therapies to achieve the Best Outcomes for our Patients 
We utilise evidence based, targeted and personalised care to achieve better health outcomes for each and every person. Based on our unique assessments and treatment plans, we aim at creating individualised protocols directed by genetic and metabolic markers by using a combination of sophisticated technology with the latest scientific evidence.
Individualised Plans, before during & after your cancer treatment.
Western Herbal Medicine
Nutritional Medicine
Functional Medicine & Testing
Personalised Diets & Weight Management
TBM & Kinesiology
Stress Management
Clinical Detox
Recovery Programs into enduring wellness

Geoff Beaty is a Master Herbalist and Naturopath and considers himself to be privileged to have been trained by a third generation Herbalist in Western Australia 35 years ago. He has a demonstrated ability to investigate, identify and address the root causes of chronic disease and his special interests are in cancer and microcirculation. Cancer because he is twice a cancer survivor and is now healthy and thriving after successful integrative treatment in 2011/12. Microcirculation, because of the aftereffects of his cancer therapies. He is a success story of what is possible when integrating allopathic treatments with naturopathic support.

Geoff is an expert in OrthoDynamics (trigger-point based bodywork) and TBM (Total Body Modification a kinesiology system) and uses those modalities to "switch on" organ function; decrease pain; increase energy; normalise weight; boost the immune system; to improve brain function and to reduce inflammation. He has been trained in Vitawell (TM) Integrative Cancer Care Therapies system and in the specific steps of holistic cancer assessment and therapies.