Bec Farah - Bec2nature - Gut Girl / Poo Fairy

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Richmond, 3121, VIC (online consults available)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
0432 381 392
About Bec
Hi I'm Bec.

Aka the poo fairy
Aka the gut girl

I’m a qualified Naturopath, Colon hydrotherapist, Personal trainer, Speaker, Writer and overall gut health expert.

But what do I really do?

I help women beat the bloat, pain and gas to regain confidence, energy, and feel sexy and light as a feather - physically and mentally.

I also help women like yourself say good-bye to real-life embarrassing scenarios, for example, worrying about ordering pizza you know will cause bloating, excusing yourself from the table in a hurry to release gas, or having to suck your bloated stomach the entire time on a hot date.

You're not alone - we've all been there and that's why I focus on this topic.

You see, my world is revolved around your gut, microbiome and poos!

Qualifications: Bachelor of Health Science - Natural Medicine, Cert III/IV Fitness, Cert III Colon hydrotherapy, 

Member of NHAA

Over 10 years experience in the field of health