Anouk Sherman - Livewell Nutrition

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(online consults available)
20 Queen St

Ormond, 3204, VIC
M, W & F - 12pm-17pm; T & T - 8am-7pm
6143 248 8160
About Anouk
My aim is to help people THRIVE and not just survive.

Every treatment is personalised to the individual. 
I meet patients where they are on their health journey and don't force them into a mould or expect too much when it is simply not practical.

My patient successes stem from my genuine empathy coupled with evidence-based knowledge and strong patient-practitioner trust.

I often use functional testing to help with diagnosis and to guide treatment.

I ensure that any diet changes are manageable, maintainable and most of all ENJOYABLE.

My treatments are holistic, so factors effecting the whole person are taken into account - physical, mental, environmental, lifestyle, health & family history.

I'm here to help you on your health journey.