Chelated minerals
Chelated minerals


There is very little scientific information about this product. Our staff is continually analyzing the available information on natural medicines and will add data here as it becomes available.

People use this for...

Orally, chelated minerals are used as dietary mineral supplements (marketed to be more bioavailable than non-chelated minerals), for supporting normal growth, stabilizing bipolar disorder, building strong muscles and bones, and improving immune function and overall health.

Pregnancy And Lactation: Insufficient reliable information available; avoid using.


Bipolar disorder. There is preliminary evidence that suggests that some cases of bipolar disorder may be stabilized with a chelated mineral supplement. A randomized, placebo-controlled trial in adults with bipolar disorder is presently underway (10651,10660). More evidence is needed to rate chelated minerals for this use.

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Dosing & administration

    Adverse effects

    General: Orally, chelated minerals can cause nausea (10660). Fatty liver-hemorrhagic syndrome is reported in commercial chickens that are fed diets containing chelated minerals (1162).

    Interactions with pharmaceuticals

    None known.

    Interactions with herbs & supplements

    None known.

    Interactions with foods

    None known.

    Interactions with lab tests

    None known.

    Interactions with diseases

    None known.

    Mechanism of action

    The term, chelated mineral, refers to the formation of a complex between a mineral and an amino acid. Evidence supports the importance of chelated minerals in the central nervous system (CNS), citing a beneficial psychotropic effect, although the exact mechanism is not fully understood (10651,10660).


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