Nutrition Care 

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Nutrition Care was founded by Professor Ian Brighthope, and the range draws on over thirty years of experience specializing in nutritional and herbal medicine, and the development of practitioner-only products.


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Address: 25-27 Keysborough Avenue, Keysborough 3173 Victoria, Australia



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Nutrition Care

Committed to providing inexpensive, safe and quality healthcare products to consumers worldwide, Nutrition Care is founded on principles of integrity and interdisciplinarity. The Nutrition Care range is therefore backed by peer-reviewed evidence and subject to TGA approval and draws upon the knowledge of healthcare professionals from a myriad of medical fields.


In addition to their commercial range, Nutrition Care aims to promote medical research and education, preventative health, and provide transparency in information regarding medical alternatives.


Though based in Australia, Nutrition Care maintains an international approach to following leading research and developments in the worldwide healthcare landscape.


Natural Medicine

Appreciating the benefits of a holistic approach to healthcare, Nutrition Care seeks to cater supplements for balancing metabolisms in order to achieve an individual’s optimal health. Practitioner-only products in the range exist as high-quality resources for integrated practitioner approaches to health and wellbeing.


Production and Product Quality

Nutrition Care operates from a purpose-built, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Victoria. This facility remains contemporary with developments in material technologies, as well as quality control and testing undertaken by a qualified team with almost 200 years of combined chemical experience.


All Nutrition Care product formulas have been clinically proven, and are unique, specialized supplements. They are all manufactured with highly bio-available components.