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Highest Quality Omega oil:

Nordic Nataimsls aim to provide a safe and effective supplement which is fresh and pure. All products in the Nordic Natural range are safe for long-term use and are sustainably sourced.

Omega Oil is a natural source of fatty acids essential for day to day body function and maintenance. Mainly associated with cardiovascular health omega-3 has been thoroughly researched leading to documented health benefits linked with two key components: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Some health benefits include improved cognitive junction, immune response, mobility and joint health, health and wellbeing for mothers and babies, as well as nourishment for hair, skin and nail production.


Even with the wide ranging benefits of omega oil, people worldwide still suffer from deficiencies mainly due to diet and lifestyle choices.

From the source to you: 


Nordic Naturals oversees every step of the process from ‘Boat to Bottle’. Starting in the Nordic sea catching high quality Arctic cod, through standards testing and quality assurance, all the way to the manufacturing of the final product.



Nordic Naturals is a part of a non-profit international recognised organisation called Friends of the Sea (FOS). They comply with strong criteria set out by FOS which includes preventing bycatch of endangered species, minimising ecosystem impacts and sourcing ingredients which do not come from overexploited fish stocks.