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Medlab is a public listed company (ASX:MDC) based in Sydney, Australia. 


Phone: 1300 369 570

Head office: Medlab Clinical LTD, 66 McCauley Street, Alexandria 2015, NSW Australia


Medlab Products are at the forefront of a new treatment paradigm which views the function of the gut as central to many of the processes in the body and the starting point for many chronic diseases that have nothing to do with the stomach. For example, the gut and its chemical messengers have connections to the brain. Processes such as glucose metabolism are affected by gut bacteria. By improving the function of the gut, Medlab aims to modify the course of chronic diseases. 

Medlab's research focuses on biologics that target disease pathophysiological processes. Specifically, investigating the role of bacteria in health and disease through perturbations of the gastrointestinal microbiome, and the ability of probiotic bacteria to modulate benefit end-organ physiology.


Medlab has an outstanding research portfolio in early phase drug discovery across obesity, chronic kidney disease, depression, the muscular loss associated with ageing and non-opioid pain management.