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Kolorex Products, developed and continually tested by Forest Herbs Research, offer effective, sustainably grown herbal remedies for candida overgrowth and related health problems.


Developed from the anti-fungal properties of Horopito, these into anti-candida products boast proven effectiveness. New Zealand’s Maori people have been using Horopito for intestinal and skin problems for hundreds of years. Kolorex brings nearly 30 years of scientific research to harness the natural healing powers of this ancient herb.


The key to the effectiveness of the Kolorex range is the beautiful Kolorex Horopito herb. All the wild populations in New Zealand were tested to find those that were 5 times more active than the others. And it is these powerfully anti-fungal and anti-bacterial herbs that are sustainably harvested for use in Kolorex products. Kolorex creams and softgels are derived from the powerful Kolorex Horopito selection, which is grown on Forest Herbs’ own farms.