• This flower essence is grounding and centring to support you as you pull yourself back together and focus on what's most important
  • Made from Australian bush pea flowers, which have potent energy of resilience and strength, and help you to rediscover your own when you need it
  • The perfect ritual to remind you to consciously ground and centre yourself at times when
    • Your thoughts or emotions feel scattered, and you want to pull yourself back together
    • You're experiencing or recovering from trauma, shock or grief
    • You’re unsettled or destabilised by change or unexpected events
    • You’re trying to soldier on in the face of upheaval and uncertainty
    • You feel like your world’s been turned upside down
    • You’ve lost your sense of stability and security
  • Suitable for both adults and children


  • Purified water 66.7%
  • Brandy 33.3% (12.5% alcohol)
  • Vibrational essence of Pultenaea stipularis (Bush pea)

Dosage & warnings

7 drops twice daily under the tongue morning and night or as needed

Contains alcohol

Only take as directed.


Pultenaea stipularis (Bush Pea)