• Contains essential oil blend (cedarwood, bitter orange, rosewood, may chang, juniper berry)
  • Ready to set yourself up for success? Pure Potential™ inspires you to align your actions and intentions with your highest potential and long-term priorities
  • Pure Potential™ Flower Essence Mist combines our Pure Potential™ Flower Essence from the mighty Giant Sequoia tree with a supportive and strengthening blend of essential oils, including bitter orange, cedarwood and rosewood
  • Situations where you want to remind yourself to act in accordance with your long-term intentions and goals:
    • In your workplace or classroom
    • At home
    • In your meditation space, massage room or healing clinic
  • Pure Potential™ Flower Essence is made exclusively from an ancient Giant Sequoia tree that’s roughly the height of a 25-storey building. It’s not only one of the oldest, largest and fastest-growing beings on the planet, but in our experience is also one of the wisest
  • We hope you enjoy connecting with its energy as much as we have, and that it inspires you to reach new heights

Dosage & warnings

Spray into the air every 6 - 8 hours or as needed

Only take as directed.


Sequoiadendron giganteum (Giant Sequoia)