• Contains essential oil blend (vanilla, rose geranium, black pepper, bergamot)
  • On a mission? Connection Creator™ Flower Essence Mist invites you to reach out to and connect with kindred spirits to help you in your life’s work
  • Connection Creator™ Flower Essence Mist combines the popular Connection Creator™ Flower Essence with a yummy blend of premium-grade bergamot, rose geranium, black pepper and vanilla essential oils
  • Connection Creator™ Flower Essence Mist helps create an energetically inviting and welcoming space that puts people at ease, so it’s suitable for use in: 
    • Situations where people have joined together for a common purpose 
    • You want to inspire yourself to reach out and form a genuine connection with others 
    • You want to create a safe environment for sharing, collaborating or fostering healthy bonds and open-hearted communication
  • Connection Creator™ Flower Essence is produced exclusively by Tribe of the Tree from Capeweed flowers. Although often considered a weed, the Capeweed has a beautiful yellow-coloured daisy-like flower and an energetic vibration embodies the spirit of community, collaboration and connection

Dosage & warnings

Spray into the air every 6 - 8 hours or as needed

Only take as directed.


Arctotheca calendula (Capeweed)