• Contains goji berries and chrysanthemum, which are used to help maintain eye health and healthy vision 
  • Plus lutein, zinc and other antioxidants to support healthy eyes and vision
  • Includes zinc, vitamin C and copper to reduce free radical formation in the body and thus help maintain macula and retina health
  • Can assist the eyes adapt to variations in light intensity and aids night vision when dietary intake is inadequate
  • May help to maintain healthy eyesight
  • May relieve dryness, redness and discomfort of the eyes based on use in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives, yeast, gluten, wheat, nuts, dairy or animal products
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Dosage & warnings

1 tablet once or twice daily with food

Contains zinc which may be dangerous if taken in large amounts or for a long period
Contains selenium which is toxic in high doses; adults should not take more than 150 mcg of selenium daily

Only take as directed.


Lycium barbarum (fruit) ext. equiv. dry (Goji) 2.5 g
Selenomethionine (Selenium)
equiv. Selenium
86.93 µg
35 µg
Zinc glycinate
equiv. Zinc
68.7 mg
20 mg
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 125 mg
Chrysanthemum sinense (flower) ext. equiv. dry 2.25 g
Cupric oxide (Copper)
equiv. Copper
626 µg
500 µg
Tagetes erecta (flowers) ext. equiv. dry (African marigold)
equiv. Lutein
equiv. Zeaxanthin
1 g
5 mg
1 mg