• Features a herbal extract derived from Kava root, standardised to contain Kavalactones
  • Traditionally used in Pacific Islander medicine to 
    • Induce sleep
    • Soothe and calm nerves
    • Increase body relaxation
    • Aid mind relaxation
  • Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support urinary tract health
  • Free from gluten, wheat, lactose, milk derivatives, starch and yeast
  • Does not contain artificial flavours or preservatives
  • Vegan friendly

Dosage & warnings

1 tablet daily

May harm the liver
Not for prolonged use
Not appropriate for use during pregnancy or lactation
If symptoms persist, seek advice from a healthcare practitioner

Only take as directed.


Piper methysticum standardised Kavalactones
ext. dry conc. (root)
70.5 mg
600 mg
4.2 g


This product is listed with the TGA - AustL 346626. The TGA publishes product info, including excipients under the "Other ingredients" subheading (not typically listed on the product label). Download the TGA public summary below.