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Barley grass is the grass shoot that later grows into the barley plant and grain. These green shoots are at their peak nutritional value ready for the production of the barley grain. Barley grass that is harvested for human consumption is harvested at this point of nutritional peak where they possess all the minerals, vitamins and proteins necessary for the human diet. Plus they contain high amounts of chlorophyll. This type of grass is the only food that can solely supply nutritional support from birth to old age, and contains the following properties:

  • The proteins found in barley grass promote cell metabolism and neutralize harmful substances in cells
  • Enzymes present in barley grass can help to speed up chemical reactions like digestion. Without enzymes, the body cannot digest food properly
  • Barley grass is very alkalizing, whereas most refined foods are acidifying. The body needs to maintain a narrow medium between acid and alkaline to stay healthy and not begin leaching minerals like calcium out of the bones into the bloodstream. By eating alkaline foods, we help to maintain our blood in neutral environment
  • Barley grass contains x11 the calcium in cow’s milk, x7 the vitamin C in oranges, x5 the iron in spinach
  • Has deodorising properties which can help with bad body odours and bad breath

Dosage & warnings

Start up: take 1 tsp (2 g) in juice daily for one week.
Maintenance: take 1-2 tsp (2-4 g) in juice daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Only take as directed.