ConceptShen Nourish is a practitioner product.

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May help to:

  • Prevent miscarriage
  • Assist implantation of the embryo
  • Assist with symptoms associated with miscarriage such as cramping and bleeding

Use in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy to maintain and ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy. It can be used longer if needed, especially if there is a history of recurrent miscarriage or pregnancy complications such as bleeding and cramping.

Dosage & warnings

3 capsules twice daily
Product to be taken until finished

Only take as directed.


Astragalus membranaceus (root) ext. equiv. dry 241.61 mg
Atractylodes macrocephala (root) ext. equiv. dry 241.61 mg
Codonopsis pilosula (root) ext. equiv. dry 161.07 mg
Cuscuta racemosa (seed) ext. equiv. dry (Dodder) 241.61 mg
Angelica polymorpha (root) ext. equiv. dry (Dong quai) 201.34 mg
Glycyrrhiza uralensis (root) ext. equiv. dry (Chinese licorice) 120.81 mg
Paeonia lactiflora (root) ext. equiv. dry (Peony) 241.61 mg
Rehmannia glutinosa (root) ext. equiv. dry 241.61 mg
Amomum villosum ext. equiv. dry (Sha Ren) 100.67 mg
Cornus officinalis ext. equiv. dry (Asiatic cornelian cherry) 120.81 mg
Dipsacus asper (root) ext. equiv. dry (Xu Duan) 241.61 mg
Eucommia ulmoides (bark) ext. equiv. dry (Eucommia Bark) 241.61 mg
Ligusticum wallichii (root) ext. equiv. dry (Chuan Xiong) 120.81 mg
Loranthus parasiticus (stem) ext. equiv. dry (Sang Ji Sheng) 241.61 mg