Discontinued by BioCeuticals Clinical


Assista in the maintenance of strong healthy bones, immune function and healthy infant birth weight. 

  • Helps support strong, healthy bones
  • Helps support a normal, healthy immune system
  • Adequate levels of vitamin D in pregnancy are associated with a healthy infant birth weight 
  • Helps support healthy blood coagulation and cardiovascular health 
  • Easy to swallow, small sized tablet 

Suitable for vegetarians.

Dosage & warnings

1 tablet once daily

If symptoms persist, consult your healthare practitioner
Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet
MK-7 supplements containing more than 50 µg/day may interfere with oral anticoagulant treatment
If pregnant or considering becoming pregnant do not take vitamin A supplements without consulting your healthcare practitioner The recommended daily amount of of vitamin A from all sources is 700 µg retinol equivalents for women and 900 µg for men
When taken in excess of 3000 µg retinol equivalents - vitamin A can cause birth defects

Only take as directed.


Magnesium amino acid chelate 100 mg
Zinc amino acid chelate
equiv. Zinc
75 mg
15 mg
Borax (Boron)
equiv. Boron
26.45 mg
3 mg
Retinol acetate (Vitamin A)
equiv. Vitamin A
200 μgRE
581.39 IU
Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)
equiv. Vitamin D3
25 μg
1000 IU
Menaquinone 7 (Vitamin K2) 25 μg