• Highly therapeutic and scientifically documented probiotic strains, which are safe and effective for all ages
  • Provides probiotic strains which do not produce D-lactate, a form of lactic acid which is poorly metabolised in the human body
  • The metabolisation and renal clearance of D-lactate is significantly slower when compared with L-lactate 
  • The accumulation of acids in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) can lower the luminal pH in the large intestine
  • Lactic acid build-up may impact intestinal permeability and affect the survival of beneficial flora
  • Contains specific strains which have been shown to be L-lactate producers, the form of lactic acid that is readily metabolised by humans
  • Contains a dose of 10 billion CFU per gram
  • Probiotics may be beneficial to:
    • Support the health and function of the GIT and support the mucosal barrier
    • Maintain healthy gut microflora
    • Support the health and function of the immune system
    • Maintain beneficial flora following antibiotic use
    • May assist in reducing the risk of eczema in the first 2 years of life for children with a family history
  • Vegetarian friendly formula
  • No added wheat, yeast, gluten, soy, dairy, corn, sugar, lactose, sodium, egg, nuts, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, SLS

Dosage & warnings

Adults: 1 metric teaspoon (2 g) once or twice daily
Infants under 6 months: ½ a metric teaspoon (1 g) once daily
Children 6 months - 12 years: ½ a metric teaspoon (1 g) once or twice daily

Only take as directed.



This product is listed with the TGA - AustL 233920. The TGA publishes product info, including excipients under the "Other ingredients" subheading (not typically listed on the product label). Download the TGA public summary below.