Discontinued by Bach Flower Remedies


  • Elm will very quickly help to restore the strength of mind and ability to cope
  • For those who are normally very capable but suddenly find themselves feeling overburdened and uncharacteristically unable to cope with their responsibilities
  • ‘The last straw that broke the camels back’ sums up the negative state of this remedy very well
  • 5 x dilution of flower extracts of Ulmus procera (Elm) in a grape alcohol solution
  • Energy focus: balanced responsibility

Dosage & warnings

Minimum dose: 4 drops 4 times daily
Single remedy use: 2 drops in water and sip at intervals or add to 30 mL mixing bottle containing still spring water
Multiple remedy use: 2 drops of each remedy (maximum 7 remedies) to a mixing bottle and use as above

Contains alcohol

Keep out of reach of children

Only take as directed.


Ulmus procera (Elm)