5 minutes with... Tracey Williams
12th May, 2020

Tracey Williams


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Tracey discusses a short term housing solution during COVID-19.


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NSW Advisor for Housing All Australians (HAA).


Who is HAA (Housing All Australians)? Housing All Australians was established to facilitate a private sector voice, through a commercial lens to advocate that the provision of housing for all Australians is fundamental economic infrastructure upon which to build a successful and prosperous economy. Part of our model is Pop Up Housing which essentially utilises empty buildings to house the homeless on a temporary basis along with the necessary services to assist them to find a permanent home.


Who is most likely to be affected by homelessness? Homelessness can affect anyone. Those struggling financially, with mental or physical health issues and/or experiencing domestic violence. 


What are the latest HAA initiatives for supporting the homeless during this time? We just announced the collaboration of Quest Serviced Apartments and Salvation Army with HAA to temporarily house the homeless during Covid-19. Quest is the franchisor of a network of 140 serviced apartments nationally and that, coupled with the Salvation Army's support services, will address the ever increasing numbers of homeless due to Covid-19.


How might someone find out more about the Quest project? Anyone seeking temporary accommodation with this particular initiative could contact the Salvation Army. They will be first port of call to then direct them to the most appropriate place for shelter. The Quest Serviced Apartments have already opened their doors at a few locations across Australia and we are looking to expand on the concept with other willing partners.


What services/hotlines can a healthcare practitioner or members of the public refer to? 


Thank you for your time Tracey, we wish you all the support on this initiative.