Active Elements 

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Active Elements Products are an Australian Company based in Melbourne, Victoria. Their range of 9 products are designed to provide ‘the essential nutrient links’ in complementary or alternative health.


Address: 50 Fairbairn Ave, Mount Martha, VIC, Australia 3934

Active Elements may be contacted by email via their website


The Active Elements System is founded on an understanding of the negatives effects mineral imbalances can facilitate within the body. Further, while practitioners traditionally only consider the effect of the positively-charged ‘cation’ component of a mineral salt, Active Elements pursue the empirically observed effects of the negative ‘anion’. They conclude that often, the anionic component of ionic minerals is as important, if not more important, in therapeutic benefits.


Based on a selection of key mineral salts, the Active Elements range provides individualized treatments for a client’s personal metabolic imbalances.