About us:

vital.ly is a digital platform, a professional health resource and a distribution service all in one.

We specialise in complementary medicines, and distribute high-quality products from our base in Mascot, Sydney. Our team has one job: to make life easier for our customers. We do that with custom-built patient management software, an end-to-end service model and a commitment to independent, unbiased information.

Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between consumers, healthcare practitioners and effective complementary medicines, ultimately improving health outcomes for everyone.


For practitioners

For students


We are a small team with collective experience as practitioners, in customer service, warehouse management, website production and related fields. View our LinkedIn profiles.


We support the practitioner community through education & patient services for the prosperity of global health.


We believe a business should not be solely defined by financial measures. At all times, vital.ly aims to provide:

  • A reliable, consistent, ever-improving service for customers, staff, suppliers & the community
  • Clarity & integrity. We make it easy for you to find the information you're looking for, and you can trust the information we provide
  • Useful solutions. We like to make the complex simple and to bring ideas to life


597 Gardeners Road, Mascot 2020, NSW, Australia. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Why vital.ly?

Customer feedback:

Jenny Lochery, Jan 12, 2022

I was absolutely delighted by the efficient delivery of my order. I did not expect to receive it before December 25th, and was amazed when it came a day or two after I’d submitted my order. I love vital.ly’s products

Shan L, Jan 10, 2022

Delivery received quickly and efficiently. Customer service very helpful and considerate. Thanks vital.ly

Justine Curran, Nov 22, 2021

I received my first order a few days after I purchased. I made a second order recently and it arrived the next day. Very impressed with the efficiency.

Lynnette Ellerman, Nov 9, 2021

Vital.ly is a supplier of high quality health supplements, some of which need a practitioner's referral to access. The website is easy to use and orders arrive promptly and well packaged. A very professional service.

Pip Carolan, Nov 5, 2021

User friendly, great correspondence.
Only concern was the probiotics were warm when arrived and cold pack was defrosted.
But happy with all the rest