Rebecca Malon - Freya Health, Working At Herbs On The Hill

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15c, 40 Annerley Road

Woolloongabba, 4102, QLD
online Wed & Thurs 6-9pm, Fri 8am-6pm
0401 668 808
About Rebecca
Freya health offers nutritional medicine and osteopathic care primarily in the women's health space. Taking a holistic approach and assessing not only diet but also family history, lifestyle, occupation, culture and beliefs around health we work with the individual to achieve their desired outcome. Conditions seen include thyroid issues, endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, IVF support, miscarriage, hypothalamic amenorrhoea, disordered eating, acne, chronic pelvic pain, pre-conception, prenatal and post-partum care, breastfeeding support and general stress and wellbeing concerns. Freya also works with female athletes to help optimise your nutrition around your menstrual cycle and working closely with your coach for performance optimisation.