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About Moira

Do you get regular bouts of vaginal thrush?

Experience Bacterial Vaginosis frequently?

Feeling self conscious about your vaginal odour and discharge?

Stuck in a cycle of over the counter treatments or regular pharmaceuticals?

Get symptoms every time you have sex?

Do you find you are worried about your intimate health and it’s affecting your relationships?

Experiencing regular urinary tract infections?

Worried that your hormonal and vaginal health might be impacting your fertility or pregnancy?

Not really sure what to do and how to fix it?

All of these scenarios are related to the microbial inhabitants of the genitourinary system. New understandings in this area show that there is a range of factors that can affect the balance of the microbes in these key areas, making you more prone to infections and disturbances.

Being able to identify and address these influences on your microbes means that you can adjust and modify them, ultimately changing your genitourinary health and breaking the cycles of infection and associated health issues.

My name is Moira Bradfield, Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Academic. I am also the founder of Intimate Ecology a unique holistic health service that aims to help you achieve optimal personal and genitourinary health naturally.

The path to health and liberation from symptoms is different for everyone. Intimate Ecology can work with you to find an approach that optimises your health and helps you to regain your confidence and wellbeing.

Intimate Ecology is an inclusive service and welcomes everyone. Whilst a majority of the service focusses on vaginal health, I also address and support issues associated with penile and seminal microbiome health.

Intimate Ecology’s clinical approach is integrative, being able to work with you and your medical provider or independently. Intimate Ecology utilises pathology testing and in clinic assessment to customise an approach that is as unique as you.