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58 Lucan Street

Bendigo, 3550, VIC
0354 443 211
About Louise

We work with you to assess, treat and facilitate you to reach your ultimate health goals, naturally. Our focus on the mind, body and soul offers you a holistic approach to health care where we recognise that each is as important as the other for you to feel your greatest.

Through individualised consultations and in clinic referrals, we provide you with a comprehensive blend of evidence based, traditional and progressive therapies including Naturopathy, Bowen Therapy, Remedial Massage and Energy Therapies. By doing so we support your body’s innate ability to heal; exposing its potential at the pace and manner that suits you best.

We treat a wide range of concerns in clinic and via distance consults and conditions such as digestive issues, gut health, immunity, fertility and hormone issues, general and specific body tension and pain, nervous system support and stress and anxiety. We also offer specialised workshops in our areas of expertise.

All of our practitioners are trained to industry standards, fully registered and insured to provide you with the ‘less is more’ style of medicine.

By working collaboratively as integrative practitioners we will empower you through out your journey to achieve better health now rather than later. Meet our practitioners and discover how…