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8 Mayfair Court
Torrington, 4350, QLD
8 Mayfair Court
Toowoomba, 4350, QLD
Monday - Saturday
0746 304 704
About Linda

As a fully qualified practitioner in multiple modalities (naturopathy, clinical nutrition and herbal medicine), with a university degree in Health Science, Linda has both the expertise and the experience to be able to help you fully understand the underlying reasons why you became unwell, and create a truly individualized, holistic plan to help you feel better, sooner.

Health and healing is not just about taking supplements, and only focusing on masking symptoms doesn't do anything about addressing the root cause.  Linda offers a true whole-body approach that draws on nature to help promote healing within the body, using the the best quality practitioner-strength natural medicines, and the most up-to-date nutrition and lifestyle tips.