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Hello! We are Accredited Practicing Dietitian's based on Sydney's Northern Beaches & North Shore.

We studied to be Dietitian's at University. To optimise health & wellbeing for ourselves, our family's, friends and our clients,  we both undertook
 numerous extra courses in areas such as functional nutrition, women's health nutrition, eating disorders, gut health, mindful eating, health coaching & paediatric nutrition.

We have a whole food approach to health, that is gentle and individualised. We most of all pride ourselves on bringing a happy medium to the world of nutrition, combining natural therapies with necessary conventional approaches. We are firm believers in the power of food as medicine and strives to bring nutrition back to basics. 

Kim is the founder of Explore Nutrition. She is a mum to two little girls, sparking a passion for women's and family health including fertility, pregnancy, post natal health & fussy eating in children. She has also worked extensively in the areas of diabetes/insulin resistance (including PCOS) and kidney disease. Kim also supports many patients with disordered eating and/or eating disorders.

Combining both her women's health interest and endocrinology experience Kim sees many Gestational Diabetes patients and helps to run a specialised gestational diabetes clinic at North Shore Private Hospital. 

Laura  has worked as a Dietitian for 11 years in range of public and private hospitals, community education, fitness, corporate and wellness sectors.  Laura is a mum of two young kids and lives with her family on Sydney's Northern Beaches. She has a keen interest in pre/postnatal and womens health, family nutrition, all types of digestive disorders and metabolic disease.