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Point Lonsdale, 3225 (AU)
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About Krista
Communication and knowledge have always been important to me, so as a Medical Herbalist I like to get to really understand what my client is saying and likewise ensure that they understand what is really going on for them.

Herbal medicine is not a 'symptomatic' practice. The whole person must be considered, what is the 'root' of the concern, where does this condition 'stem' from, where is it leading too, is it 'branching' out into other areas of the client's life? Just as we nurture a plant, we must learn to nurture ourselves. Our health is really in our hands.

Encouraging the body to return to harmony, using plant medicine alongside food as medicine, lifestyle tweaks and functional pathology testing, is what my practice offers every client. 

My clinical focus is digestive concerns, pain, memory and cognition, ageing and wellness.